Daniel Wellington Watches


Time is a funny thing isn't it? I was recently having a conversation with some friends about how with each birthday, a part of us is always a little sad as we get another year older. I started thinking about that, why does time affect us this way? I've definitely fallen into the birthday blues before but, in reality, time is actually an exciting thing. With time comes endless possibilities and the excitement of what the next year could bring! It's really a state of mind and all depends on how you decide you are going to view time. So I hope you'll take the pledge with me to make a commitment to slow down and cherish every moment. Time to look at your watch, smile, and be excited for what's next. 

I've partner with Daniel Wellington watches to give you 15% off your next watch! My personal favorite is the Classic Petite Ashfield but you really can't go wrong. These watches make excellent gifts for the holidays. Who doesn't love the gift of time!? Use the code HAUTE15 at checkout for your discount!