Nordstrom Anniversay Sale

It's the most wonderful time of the year! And no, I'm not talking about Christmas (although it's a close second). I'm talking about the Nordstrom Anniversay Sale! The time of the year when our closets love us and our wallets hate us! But, hey, it's all such good deals so who cares?!

I've saved you some time and effort and weeded through the sale to bring you my top picks below. Happy shopping! Let me know what you love!

Top Clothing Picks


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Holiday Gift Guide

It's the most wonderful time of the year! What's not so wonderful is trying to figure out what to get your loved ones! I'm here to hopefully alleviate some of that pain by breaking down my gift guide for the holidays. From you gal pals, to the always difficult to shop for man, to stocking stuffers, and local goods!  Happy shopping!

For The Gals

For Him

For Mom

For The Kiddos

Stocking Stuffers

Local Holiday Shop

In case you forgot, which I doubt you did, I am a loud and proud Colorado gal! So this gift guide wouldn't be the same without some of my favorite local shops / gift ideas!