CoFi Leather Love


You know how there's just some moments that you'll always remember in life? The moment you got accepted into that college you always wanted to go to, the moment you met the love of the life, the moment that you had your first born? Well, for me, I had that moment when I first saw a CoFi Leather bag at Perch.

Ok ok, so maybe I am just SLIGHTLY over exaggerating, but seriously, I saw their bags and knew I had to have one. I had never seen a bag quite like it, the navy and gold splatter instantly caught my eye, but trying to choose a favorite could be compared to Sophie's Choice.

Some of my top picks are:


You can imagine my excitement when I found out that the owner and designer, Stephanie McTigue, is another Colorado gal and that not only does she do bags, but also boots and shoes. I mean, yes please!! Stephanie created CoFi with the idea of embracing every women's individuality and allowing women to make a statement! #GIRLPOWER

I have loved every minute of working with her and hosting a giveaway to my wonderful followers!


If you were not that lucky lady who did win, do not fret! The following discount code gets you 20% off through 12/31/17:


So what are you waiting for? CoFi bags will make the perfect holiday gifts for friends, family, loved ones, and, of course, yourself!