Level Smart Glasses - Time to See the Future!


What happens when you combine fitness, philanthropy, fashion, and your glasses? Something spectacular! Level smart glasses are the answer to all of the above! VSP Global has created this amazing new line of glasses that does everything from tracking your steps (say goodbye to your Fitbit!), counting your calories burned, and keeping track of the distance you’ve walked throughout the day.

Level smart glasses Hedy classic tortoise technology diagram.jpg

I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with VSP Global to try out this new eyewear line and yes, I am wearing them as I type. First I went and had an eye exam. I am not ashamed to admit that I have not had an eye exam since elementary school. I’ve always had perfect vision (insert hair flip here) so glasses were never something I had to worry about. However, I was always a little jealous of my friends who wear them because they have become so cute over the years and are really more like an accessory now. And yes, I do think they make people look smarter J So when VSP Global reached out to me and told me about these new Level smart glasses, I was immediately intrigued.

Level smart glasses nightstand with app.jpg

I used to wear a step tracker on my wrist, but it became annoying and let’s be honest, they are not stylish at all. I loved the idea that I could wear cute glasses and still count my steps throughout the day. So I went into the eye doctor, and while my vision is still 20/20, they saw that I have a slight astigmatism that is likely a result of the strain my eyes go through from staring at a computer all day and then my phone all night. The doctor at Vision Care Specialists prescribed computer lenses for me, which reduce the strain on my eyes and the help eliminate the blue light that comes from these devices. Waiting for my new Level smart glasses to arrive after they ordered my prescription was like waiting for Christmas morning, I was so anxious and excited!


So finally, the moment of truth… they arrived! Even the people at the eye doctor’s office were excited! Everyone wanted to experience and be a part of these new technologically advanced glasses! I was amazed by how light they are and how comfortably they fit. Plus, they are so cute and come in a number of different shapes and colors! They charge easily on the side of the glasses and everything is app-based. Once you have them on, they are automatically tracking your steps, calories, and active time. It is so easy!

The best part? You can set step goals through the app and each time you meet those goals, you earn points redeemable for the donation of eye care and eyewear to someone in need through VSP’s Eyes of Hope program. I am a huge fan of fashion for a cause, so when I learned this, I was even more floored! These glasses are incredible! Did you know that more than two billion people worldwide lack access to proper eye care? It is easy to forget how fortunate we are and how little things, like the simplicity of having glasses or contacts, are second nature to us. But to someone else, glasses can be life-changing! You can even choose if you’d like your donation to benefit veterans, children, seniors, or individuals experiencing homelessness.

Level Screen samples.jpg

So my review? Highly recommend! Even if you are someone, like me, who has never worn glasses and does not think you need them—you might! Definitely go in for your annual eye exam. I have noticed such great results with my new computer lenses. My eyes feel much less strained, no more headaches, and I am able to better focus throughout the day. The app is extremely easy to use and the charitable aspect is next level (pun intended).

Level is available in select U.S. markets right now—including Denver—so visit the website to find a VSP network doctor in your area who carries Level smart glasses and start tracking your fitness goals in just the blink of an eye (yes, more pun).